A Super nova blaz’d in the azure sky
Looked down and saw a world of caste and cant
Its frown made the Brahmin priest and devil fly
No more could they give their shibboleth a godly slant.

The poor Harijan, banned from entering Vaikkom.
Curs’d his own Fate and thought it was god-made,
A young handsome Man went there and said: “Come,
We shall walk these streets, till shadows fade!”

He was a Patriot and loved this Great Land,
He loved Man and hated superstition and caste,
He has left his Great Foot-prints on times sand
They shall doubtless for ever last!

A tall, handsome Man, Great and good,
He lived all his Life for the noblest cause,
He sleeps now forever, as you and I should,

We and posterity will rue the loss.

He spoke the Truth that there is no god,
Many were angry for they loved but fraud,
He saw very clearly that god was common sad.
He was laid to rest on Christmas Day, forget not this Lord!

(’பகுத்தறிவின் சிகரம் பெரியார் ஈ.வெ.ரா’ நூலிலிருந்து…)